HealthQuest invites you to join us in our “Hiking Huron Challenge” to start the 2021 New Year in a healthy and active way.  
The goal is for each participant to cover the 433 miles from Port Huron to Mackinaw City via the Lake Huron coastline.  How?  By logging your treadmill miles, intentional walking miles (actually going for a walk, not counting daily steps), jogging miles, running miles, and even crawling miles!  The challenge runs from January 1st to Memorial Day, making the daily average just 2.88 miles to reach the goal. Participants will also have the option to be part of a Facebook Group to share mileage, encouragement, and success stories.
If you are interested in starting the year off in a healthy and active way, you can join the challenge by simply emailing  We will then provide you a link for you to record your daily miles or you can go to the HealthQuest website ( any time and click “Log My Miles.”  It’s just that easy.
Hope you join us and we look forward to reaching this goal together!